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Calling all brides to be!    Have you checked out The Inspired Bride?    Tons of photos, articles, and resources for today’s bride.  One article in particular that caught our eye was this one – Thinking Outside the Wedding Dress.    As a bride, you think of everything, every little detail of the wedding day, but what many brides don’t think about is being comfortable as you leave the wedding.   Now granted this might not be the choice of every girl out there, but I think for some, it would be a perfect choice.    Go take a look at the gorgeous after the wedding dresses they have posted!




Photomaids in Action & Outtakes

Looking back at these photos, we can’t help but laugh. We had discussed doing this really neat scene in the elevator getting shots of the newly engaged couple kissing as the elevator doors closed, making you wonder just what kind of hanky panky is happening behind closed doors. Great concept right?? LOL! It  wasn’t near as romantic as it sounds. Photomaids photographer Rae, was hunched down on the side of the elevator trying to hide while Sandy shot the photos from the outside hallyway. Each time the doors would close, Rae would hit the “open doors” button. The doors would open, click, click click, doors would close, Rae hits the button, repeat. Can you imagine the poor soul down on the first floor who can’t understand why the elevator isn’t coming down? After a few takes, Rae poked her head out “Are we done yet?”

As the elevator shots came to a close, this is one of the last shots we got. The looks on their faces are priceless!

Here are a few more outtakes and antics from our engagement session with the lovely Perreda and Rodney. Good times….. good times!

Beware of the chicken! You know when Sandy pulls out the chicken, it’s gonna be a good time!

Etsy Find: Wanna Spoon?

Here at Photomaids, we love etsy!  There are so many creative, talented people there who design and make the most ingenius things for weddings.  Be warned, you’ll find yourself spending hours browsing over all the shops.   Here is the latest find – a cute fork and spoon set for the new bride and groom.


Breathtaking Bride

 Isn’t she breathtaking?

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. M.  Your wedding yesterday at Cathedral Oaks was spectacular despite the grey skies and rain that came and went through out the day.   Most brides consider rain on their wedding day to be of great luck; and we truly believe that you and Billy are so very lucky to have one another.

Allyson, you were simply breathtaking.   You were an absolute vision as you walked down the aisle and you handled the day with such poise and grace.   It was an honor and a privilege for us to be there for your special day.


The Photomaids



Leslie & Chris ~ The Engagement

Leslie: Nederland, TX
Chris: Houston, TX
both in Austin for 16+ years

How long have you been together?
6 1/2 years

How did you meet?
At the UT Texas Exes Center at a football game through a mutual friend

Engagement Date October 9, 2010

The proposal – he planned it all – a weekend away at Marriott at Horseshoe Bay, a total surprise to me.

Tell us about the ring?
He picked out the ring all by himself….princess cut diamond with a diamond setting.  Princess is a nickname for me so it was the only cut that made sense. He did a fabulous job picking out the ring.