Happy Fourth of July!

Beautiful Sunset Wedding at the Oasis

Despite the lack of rain this past year, and the low levels of water in Lake Travis, the Oasis is still an amazing place to have a sunset wedding in Austin Texas. Remember Billy and Danielle? Who could forget their very snugly engagement session?   Well it was finally time to get them hitched and the Oasis was the beautiful backdrop for their special occasion.

As with most weddings, there were so many emotions that day.  There were times that the bride and groom were calm and collected while other times we found them both having fun and cutting up with their party.   At one moment, the bride became swept up in the moment and had a quick hug from her sister in law.

I love this moment in weddings. Right as the music begins to play and everyone quiets down to see the bride enter. My heart races at this moment during  every single wedding I’ve photographed.    Something about it is so magical; maybe it’s the anticipation of it all or how with each step the bride is one step closer to her life changing forever.    Whatever the reason, I love it and it gets me excited to see this photo of Danielle as she enters the doorway to the balcony where her future husband awaits, father on one side of her and her son on the other.

The sunset was amazing that evening and so was the love that everyone shared with one another.

Photo Booth Fun

The ceremony is over, the cake has been cut, the music is pumpin’and people are on the dance floor. It’s time to have some fun. The Photomaids photobooth is a great addition to your traditional wedding images. It’s a time for your family and friends to cut loose and be silly. We provide the backdrop and assorted items to include in the photos. Who knew that a pair of coconut shells and a small chalkboard could be so much fun?

Wild Poppy Florist

We adore the ladies over at Wild Poppy Florist.  Their eye for detail and color is amazing.   Photomaids has worked with Wild Poppy in several weddings last year and they have always amazed us with their stunning floral arrangements and bouquets.

Bridals at the Capitol

Jaws dropped as soon as this bride walked out onto the Texas Capitol grounds. You should have seen the crowds of people part like the Red Sea making way for her to walk down to where Sandy and I were set up for our first set of shots. The bride, Leslie, had shown us photos of the dress months before, but is wasn’t until we saw it in person, that our jaws dropped. Wow!   She looked spectacular!  The dress was a huge secret; Leslie wanted to keep the details of her dress on the DL (down-low). We felt very honored to be a part of the chosen few that got a little sneak peek of it.   Well….. I guess everyone at the Capitol that day got a glance, but they weren’t going to tell!

Note from Leslie the bride: “My dress was very princessy and sparkly. When I tried my dress on, I knew it was the one because I didn’t want to take it off. The veil was trimmed in rhinestones to add to the sparkle. Nothing special about tiara other than I really liked it. To note, Cami, my maid of honor’s daughter, picked out my earrings which helped me to pick out tiara.”

Dress – Maggie Sottero designer purchased at Belle Saison